Finals Preview and Prediction: BGSM-MER 6 - Sealing the Deal!

Ginebra exhibited a masterful defensive performance in keeping the lead and winning that game 5. Brownlee provided the needed scoring to keep Meralco at bay. 

The most obvious difference in game 5 was the 10 assists advantage of Ginebra. Devance was a fantastic playmaker inside and he was credited 6 assists! That playmaking inside gave a lot of headaches to the Bolts. Ginebra's defense forced the Bolts to 40% shooting. 

A lot of the Bolts players were missing in action in the game. Chris Newsome was troubled by his fouls all throughout the game while Hodge's defensive tasks was too much for him to give essential support to their offense. That shows the importance of the locals for the Bolts. 

On the other hand, the small ball backcourt-wing tactic of coach Tim is working pretty well and I expect him to use more of that in game 6. I will not be shock if Coach Tim will shock us early with a tactical adjustment, like a zone or a diet of post ups. 

For Meralco to win this game, coach Norman will need to make the right adjustments to his rotation and to his scheme. I don't think shortening the rotation will be the right way to go. It will be very different if we see Durnham more on the inside, to disrupt the clogging of the lanes by the Kings.

I think, Ginebra will seal the championship in this game due to surprising tactical adjustments by Coach Cone.

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