2016 Gov. Cup Finals - Game 1: Hungry!

Game 1 is finally here! Two underdog teams survived the semifinal round to give us an unexpected Finals duel. The patented defense and offense of Coach Tim Cone's Ginebra meets the swift and versatile scheme of Coach Norman Black's Meralco. 

Key Match-up: Coach Cone VS Coach Black
Key Stats: Points in the Paint
Key Question: Which Meralco bench player will fill the hole that Jared Dillinger left?

Both coaches know the importance of game 1 which sets the pace of the series. Both teams have shown that they are capable of winning in different ways. Who will make the right choice in game 1?

Meralco sustained their pumping inside against TNT. Ginebra can also do that with Brownlee and their slashers. If Meralco dominate inside, Ginebra will be in a very bad situation.

I expect Coach Norman to push on to the gas pedal and keep the pace as fast as possible. Ginebra is so terrorizing when they get their rhythm, offensively. I think Ginebra will not have a big problem with a fast pace game so expect a lot of fireworks here.

Meralco will enter this game as the underdog and that will push them over a Ginebra team that will play a little confident than necessary.

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