Quarterfinals 1 Preview and Prediction: SMB-NLEX, BGSM-ALA

Four teams have fallen, only eight are left. Quarterfinals will start this Friday so let us take a look and predict the games this Friday.

This is a very interesting game. San Miguel won a close one against them in the elimination round. It was a 94-93 game and NLEX defended the Beermen pretty well. Elijah Millsap was great in his debut but his match-up on the other side is the consistent scoring machine, Henry Walker. 

My Team Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis is painting a pretty close match-up. NLEX continue to be slower and slower as the conference goes by so how will that affect the third fastest team, San Miguel? 

In a slow game, it is very important to release the Kraken. Unfortunately, The Rock will surely make his life hard. I am going with the upset here because I see NLEX playing with more urgency and winning it on the 4th quarter.

I am pump up for this one. Alaska was superb in their last four games that they won to salvaged a place in the playoffs. On the other hand, Ginebra was consistent all throughout the conference in sealing a twice-to-beat edge. Alaska won their outing in the elimination round, can they do it twice to sneak-in to the semifinals?

Defense is the calling card of Ginebra this conference as they forced the least points (93.5) and FG% (40.7%) and third least 3FG (30.0%). On the other hand, the Aces has been pouncing on the offensive end, especially on their last four games were they averaged 110.8 points, 48.7% FG, 40.9% 3FG and 23.4 assists.

I weighed everything and Ginebra will be my pick. I have two primary reasons. First, Ginebra is heavily relying on team play which assist represents and the Aces are giving up above average assist per game. Even in their last four games, they gave up 18.3 assists per game. Secondly, Ginebra was the better fourth quarter team in the elimination round. 

My Prediction Record: 41 Corrects, 27 Mistakes
Poll's (Your) Prediction Record: 38 Corrects, 30 Mistakes

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