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Its all about Philippine basketball! I am Bigmatch and I am the one behind this blog. I am a very avid PBA fan and I love the PBA more than any team.

Updating my Pre-Conference Wild Predictions

Remember my wild predictions for each team before the start of this conference? If you don't, I will remind them to you and also update them if needed.

If you want to tease with my wrong predictions, you have the right to do so but I also have the right to change them and I will do that today!

Team:Past Prediction -> New Prediction
Blackwater: They will reach the semifinals -> They will loss all their last three games
Now that Eric Dawson officially ruled out himself from the Governors' Cup, I am quite confident to predict that the Elite will loss their last three games. Their biggest chance of winning will be against Phoenix but the Fuel Masters is playing so well right now.

NLEX: They will be eliminated in the elimination round (No Change)
I will hang on with my prediction. Looking at the standings, the Elite has taken one of the last four spots that will be eliminated. Three more to go and with Rain or Shine and Alaska still at the bottom half, it will be a very hard climb for the Road Warriors.

Globalport:They will be a top 2 defensive team -> Karl Dehesa and Joseph Yeo will be traded
I have this feeling that the signing of Tyler Lamb even with the presence of Dehesa and Yeo is a big sign that the team will be moving on from both, soon.

Rain or Shine: They will make a trade (No Change)
I will hold to this one. They are struggling right now and that is the biggest trigger for a trade.

TNT:Coach Jhong will be replaced ->They will replace Mychal Ammons
I never expected TNT to play this well. I don't think Coach Jhong has fully secured his spot until next season but I am pretty sure he will end this conference as the TNT head coach. On the other hand, Mychal Ammons current production of 20 points and 17 rebounds may not be good enough to satisfy TNT management who is really wants to win the crown.

Ginebra: Chris Ellis or Sol Mercado will be traded -> Greg Slaughter's return will result to negative things
Ginebra fans, you better be anxious with the return of Greg because it could be disastrous. With his size, Ginebra will really need to change some things in their scheme.

Mahindra:They will do a trade -> They will fall in the Quarterfinals
Huge respect to this team for doing the near impossible of securing a playoff spots before 10 other teams. But, playoffs will be a different animal and I am willing to bet that they will not survive the Quarterfinals.

Phoenix: They will reach the playoffs (No Change)

The last four games will be against Star, Blackwater, Alaska and Ginebra. They will need to win two games if they don't want any complications and I really think that they can accomplish that against Star and Blackwater.

Meralco: They will win the championship (No Change)
As wild as it is, I am keeping this scandalous prediction because even though it is really hard to see it happening, I saw signs that it is possible. 

San Miguel: Arizona Reid will be replaced (No Change)
Wait for it, it will happen.

Star:Alex Mallari will be traded -> Coach Jason Webb will re-sign
The pressure will break Coach Jason soon, forcing him to re-sign. If it doesn't, kudos to him.

Alaska: LeDontae Henton will win the Best Import award (No Change)
34.7 points, 11.6 rebounds, 39.3% 3FG and 51.5% FG ain't bad at all. If they can survive the elimination round and the quarterfinals, Henton will be a legit contender.

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Argue/Agree: About Dior Lowhorn, Mahindra and etc.

This is a series of article that can easily anger you or appease you. The articles will be a sharing of some of my opinions and conclusions in the happenings around the league. I will try to minimize using numbers, as much as possible.

So, will you agree with my takes or do you want to argue with me? If you want to argue, the comment box below is there for you.

Here are my takes, enjoy!

Replacing Dior Lowhorn is ROS best Option
Dior is not a bad import but he looks like a pretty bad fit! 20 points, 9.3 rebounds and 1.7 assists per game is not that bad. The number that will drive home my point is his Offensive Rating of 99.3 which is below league average and the 7th worst in their team! He has eight teammates who has a highest Offensive Rating than him! That speaks a lot about the chemistry that he has with the team.

Mahindra is not a Championship contender
Respect to the Enforcers for winning six of their eight games this Conference! I am pretty sure that nobody, even the players and the management, expected this great run. But, don't get so pump up with the Enforcers. Playoffs is so different from the Elimination round. Just ask the Meralco Bolts who finished 8-3 in Com. Cup's elimination round and was eliminated in the Semifinals.

Greg Slaughter's return could be derail the team
I have a question for Ginebra fans out there, are you really looking forward for the return of Gregzilla or are you anxious that it can affect the rhythm of the team? I have this feeling that the whole on-going scheme of Ginebra will be shake-up once he return and that shake-up will be the cause of their downfall.

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August 27 News and Rumors Recap: Globalport, Narvasa, NLEX and etc.

For today's recap, it is all about the imports!

Temporary: SMB enlist Mike Singletary as their import for the mean time

San Miguel will give time for AZ Reid to heal as they officially bring in a former Barako Bull import, Michael Singletary. Here is the statement of Coach Leo Austria to FOX Sports Asia about the signing. “Hindi ko siya (Singletary) masyadong nakita ang laro niya but I’ve heard he scored 43 points when he’s with Barako under coach Rajko and that’s he’s a very hardworking import."

SIngletary is also a prolific scorer like AZ Reid. In his stint with Barako, he averaged 33.3 points, 12.8 rebounds and 3.2 assists. Regarding AZ Reid, here was the statement of Coach Leo “Sinabihan na kasi siya (Reid) ni coach Al (Chua) before our last game that he has to stay here and have treatment. And then if he’s ready, ie-evaluate namin kung siya pa din ang ano namin."

AZ is still the better choice and if SMB can survive until their 10th game without him, they should let him rest and heal. The Beermen will have three days to incorporate Mike into their system before they face another team in the court.

Another Guard?: Globalport signs Tyler Lamb as their Asian import
Even with their terrific guard rotation, Globalport chose to get another guard to bolster their campaign. Tyler Lamb averaged 17.0 points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.0 assists in the Asean Basketball League. He is a terrific player but will he be a good fit to Batang Pier?

I am pretty sure that he will eat up majority of the playing time of Karl Dehesa and Joseph Yeo. The Ninja is playing well this conference with 10.4 points, 51.2% FG, 2.8 rebounds and 1. 4 assists per game. I am not convinced if Tyler will be a much better player or even a scorer than Joseph Yeo. If he is, then it is an upgrade but if he is not, then this signing is useless.

Standby: Paul Harris can still return as Ginebra's import
According to coach Tim Cone, Paul Harris is two weeks away from being cleared to play and the door is still open for his return. Paul recently returned to US to attend to his kids. 

In two weeks, Coach Tim will need to make the hard choice of keeping Justin Brownlee or bringing back Paul Harris. Is it really a hard choice even with the effectiveness of Justin Brownlee? I think so. They are pretty different from each other but I do expect Ginebra to retain Brownlee if they can sustain their winning ways.

Another turmoil?: Did Narvasa have an heated exchange with NLEX personnel
Factuality Meter: 75%

According to our #1 source, Narvasa was seen barking again towards NLEX personnel in the hallway of Araneta Coliseum. According to the article, he was shouting towards Coach Boyet Fernandez and Henry Walker who were said to be fuming toward the referee for their controversial calls during their game against Phoenix.

If this is true, I will not totally hate Com. Narvasa for what he did. That is his personality and I don't have a problem with boss defending his workers.  Nevertheless, the fact remains that the officiating in the PBA has gone from passable to very bad, again.

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